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Big History and Great Transition

What does the longest arc of history tell us about our global moment? In his opening essay, David Christian explores how the Big History framework illuminates where we are and clarifies what we must do. Panel 1 affirms and expands the framework; Panel 2 raises questions about its utility for a Great Transition.
Featuring an opening essay from David Christian.
Panel 1: Elaborationsfeaturing Andreas Bummel, John Bunzl, Helen Camakaris, Bonn Juego, Michael Karlberg, Catherine Keller, Brian Murphy, Heikki Patomäki, Scott Sampson, Joseph Voros, Selvi Adaikkalam Zabihi, and Jan Zalasiewicz.
Panel 2: Interrogationsfeaturing Greg Anderson, Biko Agozino, Diana Coole, John de Graaf, Riane Eisler, Richard Falk, Kathleen Kesson, Jeremy Lent, Evelin Lindner, Lisa Sideris, Vandana Singh, and Angus Taylor.