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Technology and the Future

How will technology shape—and be shaped by—the global transition now underway? Disruptive technologies will influence which future emerges, yet they are subject to social choices yet to be made. This Forum explores these vital questions. Panel 1 focuses on vanguard technologies, such as bioengineering and artificial intelligence, and whether they have a role to play in a Great Transition. Panel 2 explores conceptual frameworks for understanding the interplay between technology and society. Does technology drive history, the reverse, or something else entirely?

Panel 1: Disruptive Technologies, featuring Paul Raskin, Michel Bauwens, Al Hammond, Derek Hrynyshyn, Sheldon Krimsky, Sarah Manski, Anitra Nelson, William I. Robinson, Doug Schuler, and Tim Weiskel.

Panel 2: The Big Picture, featuring Carlos Alvarez Pereira, Alf Hornborg, Deborah G. Johnson, Bonn Juego, Alexander Lautensach, Melissa Leach, Helena Norberg-Hodge, David W. Orr, Guy Standing, and Brian Tokar.