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Solidarity with Animals

The Forum reflects on humanity’s rapacious disregard for and commodification of our fellow creatures. Eileen Crist’s opening essay illuminates the historical, philosophical, and political dimensions, arguing that nurturing solidarity with (other) animals stands as a key moral and strategic imperative for a Great Transition. Panel 1 elaborates her conceptual framework, and Panel 2 propounds actions for transformative change.
Featuring an opening essay from Eileen Crist.
Panel 1: Perspectivesfeaturing David Barash, J. Baird Callicott, Melanie Challenger, Alexander Lautensach, Judith Lipton, William S. Lynn, Freya Mathews, Jerry Mitchell, Gary Steiner, and Angus Taylor.
Panel 2: Actionfeaturing Nandita Bajaj, Guy Dauncey, Richard Falk, Gwendolyn Hallsmith, Mike Jones, Fred Koontz, Dayton Martindale, David Nibert, and Suprabha Seshan.