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What’s Next for the Global Movement?

The global “polycrisis” is spreading a zeitgeist of fear, despair, and reaction. But it also is sparking social energy for building a civilization centered around people, peace, and planet—a harbinger of a global citizens movement. The urgent task is to bring this critical social actor, now waiting in the wings, to the center of the global stage. But how? Our panel of strategists propose next steps toward crystallizing a movement for systemic change.

Featuring comments from Jeremy Brecher, John Bunzl, Helen Camakaris, Guy Dauncey, Riane Eisler, Peter Evans, Dorothy Guerrero, Don Hall, Joseph Fiksel, Jeffrey Halper, Tim Hollo, Michael Karlberg, Steven Klees, Jeremy Lent, Francine Mestrum, Ronaldo Munck, Heikki Patomäki, Jose Ramos, Vishwas Satgar, Gus Speth, Guy Standing, Sandra Waddock, and Stewart Wallis.