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Experiments in Movement Unity

Across the globe, organizations and movements are active on a full range of issues, but efforts remain fragmented. To chart a new course, we need to bring together diverse groups under a canopy of shared vision and purpose. Our recent survey of the Global Movement Landscape identifies scores of endeavors working to enhance coherence across separate struggles. This Forum introduces some of these critically important initiatives.
Featuring an opening essay from Ashish Kothari & Shrishtee Bajpai and comments from Neema Pathak Broome, Halina Brown, Andreas Bummel, Vlad Bunea, John Bunzl, Sam Crowell, Noemi Gal-Or & Alain Caillé, Martha Giraldo, Tim Hollo, Steven Klees, Jeremy Lent, Michael Löwy, Gustave Massiah, May First Movement Technology, Francine Mestrum, Sebastian Ordoñez Muñoz, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Heikki Patomäki, Alessandro Pelizzon, Yavor Tarinski, Brian Tokar, Stewart Wallis, and Selvi Adaikkalam Zabihi.