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Rich Rosen

Rich Rosen is a former Fellow and a founding member of Tellus Institute. He has thirty years of experience in energy sector resource planning and management as well as environmental compliance. In the 1990s, Dr. Rosen’s research focused on the economics and feasibility of restructuring and deregulating the electricity utility industry. In a variety of regulatory and public planning settings, he has presented detailed analyses of alternative supply options, renewable resources, environmental impacts, energy efficiency technologies, and integrated power plans in both market and regulated contexts. Dr. Rosen’s current research focus is on alternative economic visions and models for the global economy over the long-term, including new approaches to the allocation of capital, regulation of investments, and management of the production unit. In the context of envisioning a Great Transition scenario, Dr. Rosen has overseen the generation of several highly detailed global development scenarios for the years 2005 – 2100 based on Tellus’s Polestar model.

Dr. Rosen received a PHD in Physics from Columbia University in 1974.

Selected Publications