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Mark Halle

Mark Halle is the Executive Director of the International Institute for Sustainable Development-Europe (IISD-Europe) and Director of its Trade and Investment Programme. Previously, he was Director of the IUCN’s Global Policy Division based in Switzerland. His involvement in the preparation and launch of the World Conservation Strategy on behalf of UNEP led to close contact with WWF and IUCN. He joined WWF as Conservation Officer in 1980, moving to IUCN in 1983. From 1983 to 1987, he was Assistant, then Deputy Director of the Conservation for Development Centre (CDC) of IUCN became Director in 1987. He was responsible for all personnel and operations in the field including IUCN’s growing network of regional and country offices. In 1990, he became Director of Development and, in 1993, became Director of Global Policy.

Selected Publications