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Kate Raworth

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Kate Raworth

Associate Fellow


Kate Raworth is an economist focused on making economics fit for the twenty-first century. Her book Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think like a 21st Century Economist is an international bestseller that has been translated into 18 languages, and was long-listed for the 2017 Financial Times & McKinsey Business Book of the Year award. She is co-founder of the Doughnut Economics Action Lab, working with cities, business, communities, governments and educators to turn Doughnut Economics from a radical idea into transformative action. She teaches at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute and is Professor of Practice at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Raworth was previously a senior researcher at Oxfam (2001–2013), a co-author of the United Nations’ Human Development Report (1997–2001) and a fellow of the Overseas Development Institute, working as an economist in the Ministry of Trade, Industries and Marketing, Zanzibar (1994–1997).

Selected Tellus Publications

Dollars to Doughnuts (interview)

Bounding the Planetary Future (contribution to a forum)