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Ashish Kothari

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Ashish Kothari

Associate Fellow


Ashish Kothari is a founder-member of Kalpavriksh, a civil society organization in India focusing on environment and development issues. He taught at the Indian Institute of Public Administration and is Professor of Practice at National Law School and University (Bengaluru) and guest faculty in several other universities in India and abroad. He coordinated India’s National Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan, served on Indian government committees to formulate the National Biodiversity Act and National Wildlife Action Plan, and served on boards or steering committees of two IUCN commissions, Greenpeace International & India, and the ICCA Consortium. A long-standing member or supporter of several people’s movements, he helps coordinate Vikalp Sangam, Global Tapestry of Alternatives, and Radical Ecological Democracy processes. He is (co)author/(co)editor of several books, including Birds in our Lives, Churning the Earth, Alternative Futures, and Pluriverse: A Post-Development Dictionary.

Selected Tellus Publications

Radical Ecological Democracy: A Path Forward for India and Beyond

A Flowering of Radical Change (contribution to GTI Forum Which Future Are We Living In?)

Honoring the Pluriverse (contribution to GTI Forum An Earth Constitution: Has Its Time Come?)

Thinking Beyond the Left (contribution to GTI Forum Planetize the Movement!)

Marxism and Ecology (contribution to a forum)

Farming for a Small Planet (contribution to a forum)

Do Red and Green Mix? (contribution to a forum)

Party Time? (contribution to a forum)